Swan Settlers Market

Holy Mary Cellars is located within the Swan Settlers Market building which has a rich historic tapestry woven into its 100-year-old walls.

The building itself was constructed on the rich growing soils of the Swan Valley in 1919 to utilise the convenience of the East-West railway line. The fruit packing shed was the lifeblood of the region, showcasing the sun-kissed produce of the Valley through all seasons and became one of the largest fruit exporters in W.A.

It began with soldier resettlement after World War I. Originally a large landholding, it was divided into ten-acre-blocks to encourage the soldiers to come back and re-establish themselves in the region.

The market contains a variety of stalls consisting of fresh produce, natural and gourmet products , wood and metal works, crafts, cultural stalls, a vintage gallery a number of other high quality art works and of course wine tasting.

For more information, visit the Swan Settlers Market website.

Market Location

Swan Settlers Market
124 Lennard Street, Herne Hill
Swan Valley WA 6056

Market Hours

Saturday & Sunday
9:00am - 5:00pm
And Adjoining Public Holidays

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